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Timeline, Where Are You On the Timeline?

It Determines Your Destiny…

My heart fluttered with pride as I watched my grandkids recite a timeline from creation to the present. They also know the future timeline as outlined in the Bible, revealing the 2nd coming and reign of Christ. This memorization and knowledge of history, coming from a group of home-schooled “Classical Conversation” […]

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Identity Theft

     We have a duck who thinks she is a chicken! Why? Because she hangs out with the chickens. I fondly call them “the amigos.” She has been with them since birth.

Sadly, her sibling died, and to keep her from being lonely, we kept her with the chickens. She has learned to run […]

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Batter UP

I just came from a Little League baseball game where the 8-year-old kids clearly knew the game. The coaches and the fans in the stands were constantly offering strategy on how to play the game better.   “Keep your eye on the ball.”  “Play is at 2nd base.”   “Back up first.” “Wait for yours.” “Line […]

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Hello and Welcome to KIMI Tennessee

We have just launched something new at Kids in Ministry International. And you are a part of this great adventure!

While we have had international directors in nations around the world for many years (see more), we only recently have begun to place leaders over various states here in  America. This is so the people […]

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